tabsHighlight in Ionic 5?

In Ionic v3 one could get thin bars under each tab, like in the angular demos:
(I mean that thin blue bar under First which gives an indication of the tab currently selected)

with tabsHighlight=“true” like in this code:

<ion-tabs mode="md" tabsPlacement="top" tabsHighlight="true" tabsLayout="icon-start">

I cannot find this in Ionic 5.
Would someone know by any chance?

The breaking changes documentation suggests styling <ion-tab-button>.

ok thanks.
I checked that and could not find anything related to the indicator.

In material design this is called 4.Active tab indicator:

Am I missing something there?
Thanks again,

Maybe the fact that as a cross-platform framework, Ionic can’t precisely adopt either Google or Apple’s UI widget terminology. Have you tried putting a bottom border on the selected <ion-tab-button>?

that’s correct, got it now.

This Properties removed list in Ionic v4 mentions this:
The attributes to position the tabs, change the tab layout, enable the tab highlight and hide the tabs have been removed.

I’ll try going the way you mentioned with the bottom border (hoping that is customizable, I’ll check it out).
Thanks Robert,

as the above answer by @rapropos stated u can use the css styling to get the effect for ur tab, here is one way I did by setting styles in variable. css u can use nth child selector to set icons or put styling to respective tabs. :+1:

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ohhh that is interesting.
Thanks for the tip!