tabsHideOnSubPages for different tabs

Hello, in my application I have two Tabs. I need for one set tabsHideOnSubPages: true and for the second tabsHideOnSubPages: false is it possible? Thank you for your help!

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I think this can’t.
so you should handling css:

    let tabBar:any = document.querySelector('ion-tabbar'); = 'none';


    let tabBar:any = document.querySelector('ion-tabbar'); = 'flex';


That’s exactly what I’m doing now… But the animation during transition to the page is not perfect :frowning:

If you have to worry about, you should control animate css and write before nav.push.

in css.

ion-tabbar {
transition: all 1s;
opacity: 1;

ion-tabbar.fade {
opacity: 0;

ts file.

let tabBar:any = document.querySelector(‘ion-tabbar’);
tabBar.className = ‘fade’;


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