Tabs not loading on Browser Refresh

With the new @IonicPage, when you refresh a page in the browser, it now loads the current URL as a stand alone page, instead of your main root (which is setup as tabs).

So if you load http://yourapp/ the tabs will direct you now to http://yourapp/#/selector-name/another-selector-name/ when you refresh, it uses that new URL, but doesn’t load the tabs. I also don’t know where those selector names came from. The first part of the selector, I didn’t specify anywhere in the app, but it seems to be the page’s title from the template. the second one, I named the selector “page-name-here”, and it translates it to “name-here”

Is this something expected with the new lazy loading, or do I have this setup wrong? I am loading the TabsPageModule in my app.module.ts.