Tabs navigation - visible when I want to hide them

I have an app that uses the side menu navigation. One of the pages has tabs inside it. Each nested inner page that a tab can navigate to is a kind of list view. Clicking on an item in that list view leads to a detail view.

I have two problems:

  • when I navigate to a item detail view, the tabs are still visible. I want to hide the tabs. Someone can click the back button if they want to go back to the tabs view.
  • in the detail view I also have a link that needs to allow me to send the user to a completely different page of the app. I’m using navCtrl.setRoot(), but this sets the root on the tabs navigation, not on the base sideMenu navigation my app, so I end up with the tabs visible in that case as well.

Is this a good or bad strategy? If it’s a good strategy, how should I implement it so that I can hide the tabs when I want to?