Tabs in Ionic 6

I want to implement this tab/accordion inside my app, but i noticed that it uses JQuery and Foundation, my question is if there’s a way to do this without installing JQuery and Foundation, and if this is not possibile, could someone please help me understand how to install these two libraries in the right way?

what would you looking for in ionic if these libraries are needed?

Combine with angular and ionic (as per categories of your post)?

Maybe good you clarify how Ionic fits in the picture?

As a general comment - combining jQuery with Angular is - at least - for DOM manipulation not a great idea. If at all.

And the presented structure can also be achieved with Ionic Tabs. Just the layout might be needing a bit tweaking if you really want it to look that way. Ion-Tabs: Tab-Based Component for App Top-Level Navigation

In the meantime i’ve installed PrimeNG (PrimeNG is a rich set of open source native Angular UI components.) I will try to use its components, I would look better how to create it natively with ionic, but unfortunately I don’t have much time available. Thanks anyway!

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