Tabs in header

hi all,
i want just tabs in my header, no need for title and any other things.
but i cant seem to make it work.
any advice?


you could just defined a ion-header-bar and put your tabs inside.

you would have to have custom buttons/links as tabs however rather than using the ion-tab directives since they are tied to scss styles that use UX best practices. You could always override the tabs specific styles but that could be messy.

So if you have to have them all the way at the top, then wrap them in a ion-header bar. Personally i think it’s better UX to have the title/navigation buttons in the header and if you need tabs at the top, add them as a bar-subheader, which will place them directly below the header bar. You could even use the tabs-top class and take advantage of ionics tab directives/styles.

Up to you though!

what i need is lots of controls.
What comes up in mind is group them in tabs and show child controls in secondary level.
just like ribbons in
If i keep the title, the display available to user is too small.
so getting rid of the title is the easy way out.
i’m considering other options though.

I posted a similar question here : Both side menu and top bar tab menu, like Tinder
I need to put the tabs within th nav-bar…
Any progress on that ?