Tabs - How to define a start tab which has no icon?



Is it possible to add a starting - view in tabs which is not present in the Tabs icons bar ?

I’m using this example :

Thank you for this framework.


You can use the $ionicTabsDelegate to select the tab on page load.

Here’s a rough example using your original code :


Thank you very much Calendee.

We can see the transition to the third tab id=2 after 400ms.

I’m looking for a different behavior :
The display at the start of a tab ( not existent from the tabs bar) with no transitions.


Maybe is it possible to force a tab in a non-tab content view ?


ion-tab should accept the class object.
that would a great improvement for ionic :slight_smile:
this way I could hide what I Want :slight_smile:


I made a PR.