Tabs error using nightly build


Was doing some testing today and noticed an odd error involving the tabs. First any icons I had fail to load, I can’t switch between tabs, and this error came up in my console.

 Error: [$compile:ctreq] Controller 'ionTabs', required by directive 'ngClick', can't be found!$compile/ctreq?p0=ionTabs&p1=ngClick
    at getControllers (
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at forEach (
    at getControllers (
    at nodeLinkFn (
    at compositeLinkFn (
    at publicLinkFn (
    at link ( <div ng-class="{active: isTabActive(), 'has-badge':badge}" ng-click="selectTab()" class="tab-item disable-user-behavior" title="{{}}" icon="{{page.icon}}" icon-on="{{page.icon}}" icon-off="{{page.icon}}"> 

Any one noticing this?


Hi @mhartington, I just committed something. Could you post your markup?


Hey @andytjoslin, This is my markup for the tabs. I’m just repeating over a collection of data and creating a tab for each object in my data. Just to add, I am pulling the JS right from the CDN.

<ion-view title="pet.title" left-buttons="leftButtons" right-buttons="rightButtons">

	<ion-tabs tabs-type="tabs-icon-top" tabs-style="tabs-light">

		<ion-tab title="{{}}" icon="{{page.icon}}" ng-repeat="page in pet.pages | orderBy:orderProp">

			<ion-slide-box ng-if="page.type === 'slide'">

				<ion-slide ng-repeat="slide in page.slides">

					<div class="wrapper has-tabs has-header">

						<div class="product">

							<img class="child" ng-src="/{{pet.title}}/{{slide.img}}.png">


						<ion-content class="info" has-bouncing="true" padding="true">









Thanks, testing it out now.


Should be fixed in latest nightly (as of a few minutes ago, fixed)



…Also, thanks for using the nightlies!! It makes sure we are on our toes. Please keep using them and reporting!


Hey so i fixed the icon issues by just rebuilding them (using custom icons) but switching tabs still isn’t working. I’ve tried in Chrome, Safari, iOS and Android.


Hey @andytjoslin, don’t know if this would help but I used the un-minified version of the javascript as that the error was at line 16418. Heres a screen capture of the console error


Could you reproduce this issue in a plunkr/codepen? It would help; I’m not able to get it on my end.


I haven’t been able to reproduce it in a plunker or codepen but I can verify that my tabs worked yesterday. I saw some changes to the ionicTabBar.js file on github (commit 0f1b6f4) and a few other changes related to tabs after that. Not 100% sure why I can reproduce it but if there is an issue, it may start around there.

Wish I could be of more help on trying to find the problem. As of now I have to go back to 0.9.25 for production



So the issue seems to be not with ionic but on my end. One of custom directives unfortunately uses jquery, which I updated to version 2.x last evening and left work without testing…my mistake.

After replacing jquery with 1.11.0, everything works.


I’m getting this exact same error with 0.9.26 as well as the latest nightly build. I removed jQuery from my project completely and the error persists. I’m still trying to reproduce it outside of my project.


+1 for entirely removing jQuery 2.1 from my project
This fixed the problem for me.


+1 I had same error, downgradind jquery 2 to 1.11.0 solved everything!