Tabs as a child of another page


hi, i want to create page that consift of 2 page, first page is consist of a singgle button so if i fire the button it will direct to another page consistt of tabs, how to create it , i’ve tried and i post the same question on but still cannot get answer , could you help me out ?


I looked at your stackoverflow post.
You can see the problem differently :

  • send always the user to the tabs layout
  • in the controller of first view launched you can check for a variable saying for example : “islogged”:true
  • if the user is not logged (see var) you open the login form in modal


okay then, it is not login page but kind of home page, i mean when i fire the next button in home page, it direct to another page consist of tabs, so basically homepage is parent of another page consist of tabs, could you give me some example code in :smile:


take a look at this :


OMG, it works can i hug and kiss you, i’m sooo histeric :smile: :kissing_heart: thank you so much