Table with usernames and number of search


I couldn’t find the ionic feature to obtain basically two columns:
column 1 : usernames
column 2 : number of search (per user)

I’m pretty sure there is an easy way to obtain this, but I couldn’t find it and the Ionic support told me to ask on the forum.
This would save me so much time in my daily work…

Thank you (a lot!)

Please share more details: what usernames are You trying to obtain?

Hi Psyche,

First, thanks for answering my topic !

We use the ionic platform to gather analytics on the users of our application.
I’d like to have an output with the usernames of the people who signed up and the number of times they used the app, more specifically the number of times they did a search.
Currently, I have to segment by username and type in the usernames one by one to get this information. Is there a more efficient way to obtain this info? If ionic provides some sort of spreadsheet on the usuage stats of each individual user, that would be very helpful.

Thank you