Tab page becomes invalid

I created a tabbed application in ionic framework. It works fine in emulator. But when I build and install it to mobile (android) I have some trouble.

When the application runs, the tab - stated in config part with $urlStateProvider.otherwise command - is selected but without view and even without title. An empty screen is shown. I will call this tab as “initial tab”. After selecting some other tabs and then select the initial tab again, I have the view and title, service calls are made, but data is not shown in view. Next step, after selecting another tab and then selecting the initial tab again, I have view without data again, but service calls are not executed and last selected tab’s title is shown instead of initial tab’s title.

It’s not important which tab is the initial tab. When I changed the initial tab then other tabs will run as expected but the initial one not.

Any comments on this issue? What can be the wrong?