Tab buttons OnMouseDown instead of OnMouseUp

Hi Ionic,

I’ve just started using Ionic and it’s an amazing work of art. Really fantastic.

I am using ion-tabs and would like for the Tabs to Change OnMouseDown instead of OnMouseUp. The reason is that when the user touches one of the tab choices and slides his finger off the tab button when lifting the finger, the tab selection doesn’t work. As a result, the user thinks that something is wrong with the app. The tab button doesn’t respond.

Steps to reproduce problem.

  1. Touch and hold finger down on one of the tab buttons.
  2. While finger is down, slide finger off the button.
  3. Lift up finger
  4. Result - tab is not selected.

-----Using the following Code from Ionic built in Tab example ------

Does anyone have some ideas on this ?


I’ve experienced the same thing as you have.

  1. Have 3 tabs ready
  2. Select the middle tab (tap)
  3. Press on one of the other tabs(do not release) The tab-icon & tab-text now enters ‘active’ state.
  4. Without releasing newly pressed tab, move the finger back to the middle tab and release.

I agree that this should be changed, so that it’s more agressivly selecting tabs.
A little to often I experience that when I try to click on a tab, it’s not selected.

Applies to : Android, version: 4.4.2

When the tab doesn’t respond, the user thinks the app is broken. In actuality, the simple solution is to listen for MouseDown instead of MouseUp event.

Hello Ionic team, can someone please give us some feedback on how this can be achieved.


Hello, is there anyone that can help with this?