Syntax Error with beta 14


Hello guys,

I have a lot ofeErrors as this :

Error: [$parse:syntax] Syntax Error: Token '.50' is an unexpected token at column 16 of the expression [participant.pic.50_squared.img_url] starting at [.50_squared.img_url]

with the beta 14.

The code :
<img class="profil left" style="border-radius: 100px;border: 3px solid #EEECEC;width: 100%;margin-right:5px;" ng-if="participant.pic.50_squared!=null" src="{{participant.pic.50_squared.img_url}}"/>

It works with the beta 13.

Angularjs1.3 doesn’t like number and _ ?

Thx for reply


try using ng-src="{{participant.pic.50_squared.img_url}}"



Thx for the reply but it doesn’t work. I have the same error…


How is that expressed in your json data? It could be a case where angular is trying to treat it as a number and not a string.