Synchronised Instant Chat Demo

Firebase seemingly syncs your data…open it in 2 different browsers or on 2 different devices.

Please don’t be rude!!


Very cool, @gregorypratt! Thanks for sharing.

I’m having issues getting to the pinkr. Has it been removed?

Nope, works fine…

@gregorypratt, I just replied (in the form of a new post) to your “folder structure” post of a couple months ago, with a question. But, yes, Firebase does synch data. I’m using it in another project for precisely this reason; so you get a persistence function as well as a synch function. It’s a great service.

Parse (now Facebook’s) also has comparable functionality.

I’m using GoInstant now for a project — again, persistence + synch, and GoInstant’s distinction is that they’ve widgetized a lot of functions. So they offer a Chat component all built up, ready to plug in to your app. And they have AngularJS bindings, so you can rebuild the widget to play nicely with, say, Ionic, or any other Angular-based app. If you’re interested in this kind of functionality, i would suggest checking out GoInstant (

Seems to be working for me too…

My apologies, I was having a browser issue with pinkr. It is working. Any one do an implementation with Atmosphere?

In this demo, how can we fix the form to the bottom of the screen and let the chat scroll.