Sync timer directive with modal


Hello everybody!

I already post this issue in StackOverflow but it didn’t get enough attention even with the bounty. I’m working on a app. The user choose an exercise and choose 10, 15 or 20 minutes. When ready the user taps on ‘Start Timer’ button and the timer goes off. So far so good. When the user taps on the timer container, the screen should rotate (landscape mode) and a bigger timer is shown. This is useful to know how time is left even when doing the exercise. If the user taps again it goes back. I didn’t fin how to load a view based on the current orientation. So I implement a Modal and share the $scope. This was great because the original timer never stops (if I close the Modal the time is correct) but the timer directive on the modal has a 2-3 seconds delays and it makes this feature useless.

My question is: I’m going on the right track (view + modal + sharing scope). Is timer directive right for my needs?

Any idea is welcome. Please if something isn’t clear just ask me and I’ll edit it. Sometimes is not easy for me writing -and explaining things- in english.

Many thanks!