"Swiper InitEvents Attach" on ionic Slides

I have a question on Ionic slide component, When i add this component on HTML. I see a log output named “swiper initevents attach” pointing from app.bundle.js and other the DOM elements on the same page like buttons doesn’t work anymore, not sure what’s happening. Can someone explain what does this event represents. Couldn’t find much resources on this.

its just a debug message, if you click it you can see it’s just letting you know the eventListner is attached.

// Attach/detach events
      s.initEvents = function (detach) {
          console.debug('swiper initEvents', detach ? 'detach' : 'attach');
          var actionDom = detach ? 'off' : 'on';
          var action = detach ? 'removeEventListener' : 'addEventListener';
          var touchEventsTarget = s.params.touchEventsTarget === 'container' ? s.container[0] : s.wrapper[0];
          var target = s.support.touch ? touchEventsTarget : document;

It’s probably something else that’s disabling your buttons on the page