Swiper event - access variables

Hi all,
please I have problem and I cannot find a solution. I am using swiper component and I want to change tab, after each swipe. I am getting callback, but I cannot access variables inside this callback. I am using this example: GitHub - ionic-team/slides-migration-samples at swiper and my example using is this:

<ion-segment [(ngModel)]="selMovieTab" id="tabs" (ionChange)="movieTabChanged($event)" value="selMovieTab">
public actorTabs: any = "test";

this.swiperInstance.on('slideChangeTransitionEnd', this.movieSliderChanged);


movieSliderChanged(ev: any)
		if(ev.activeIndex == 0)
		else if(ev.activeIndex == 1)
		else if(ev.activeIndex == 2)


this.actorTabs - undefined
this.movieTabChangedHelper is not a function

Please help, how can I access variables and set it.

Thank you very much!


/* Swiper event */
this._ngZone.runOutsideAngular(() => {
	this.swiperInstance.on('slideChange', (ev) => {
		this._ngZone.run(() => {
			this.selMovieTab = "tab"+ev.activeIndex;