Swipeable item list how to swipeback the row after event trigged


I have swipeable list as follows, I swipe a list row to left to reveal “cancel appointment” button and After clicking and canceling appointment by function cancel_appointment , I want the list row swipe back to right to hide the cancel appointment button, what should I add into my function to do it ?

<ion-list can-swipe="listCanSwipe">
<ion-item ng-repeat="item in items">
 <ion-option-button class="button-assertive" ng-click="cancel_appointment(item.id,$index)">
Cancel Apppointment</ion-option-button>


I have similar problem deleting a list item by clicking a delete button that appears on swipe: <ion-option-button ng-click=removeItem($indexOfItem)>. The “remove” button keeps showing on the next item of the list once the current item has been removed. It’s a pretty extrange behavior.
Is there a function i can call to hide the remove option once the list item is removed?

My bad, just found the solution on another post:

Use: $ionicListDelegate.closeOptionButtons();