Swipe to refresh instead of pull to refresh

Hello! I’ve used the ion-refresher on my app, and works relatively fine, but I’m also using supertabs to manage the tabs behavior on my app and when I swipe left in a certain angle,the view swipes and pulldown at the same time. It doesn’t trigger the refresh, but doesn’t look right.

I’ve been looking for some solution, like blocking the gestures of something of the likes, but there’s not so much out there. It ocurred to me that if the app can just show a spinner when swiping down instead of pulling down all the view (Google apps style), it will look nicer when swiping left or right for the tabs, since the whole view wouldn’t be pulled down. The thing is I see this functionality hasn’t been implemented yet on v3, or I haven’t found it yet. If one of you here knows about this functionality and can refer me to some documentation, I’ll be very grateful.

Thanks in advance for your answer :slight_smile:

Hi @RaineB, I got the same issue like yours so I built this little directive called ion-refresh-native which have also been tested with Ionic v3. You can get it via NPM and see the source in Github. I also added guide on how to make to integrate it in your project.