Swipe behaving erratically, and not at all under IonicView


Hi everyone,

I’m playing with swipe in a component.
The component is subscribed to data, and is updating at at least 1fps.
I’d like to be able to swipe the whole component left, revealing some buttons. The code below is my first attempt.

On the browser … it sort of works (see video).
It doesn’t respond at all on IonicView, and I think I’ve only had it work once within the iOS browser.

Any ideas?
The video provides a good example of what it is like in the browser… erratic at best.

Video is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6zb7awlowwadpoe/Recording-53.mov?dl=0

<div class="cells">
        <ion-item-sliding #item>
            <ion-item no-padding>
                <ion-row *ngFor="let r of chunkedCells(); let y=index">
                            [ngClass]="{'unused' : isCellUnused(cell), 'empty' : isCellPadding(cell)}"
                            *ngFor="let cell of r; let x=index"
                        <ion-row *ngIf="!isCellPadding(cell)">
                            <ion-col width-20 class="channelnum">{{1 + ((y * cellChunking()) + x)}}</ion-col>
                            <ion-col text-center>{{cell.v|number:'1.3-3'}}v</ion-col>
                            <ion-col width-20 class="balancecontainer">
                                        *ngFor="let b of balanceRange(cell.balance)"
                                        class="balance b{{b}}"
                                        [ngClass]="{'off':!balanceLightIsLit(b, cell.balance)}"
                <button ion-button (click)="measureIR(item)">IR</button>