Swipe back should work on iOS if you start on a sub page

We have build an app which has three pages.

Each page has an ion-back-button to get back to the previous page.
The pages 1 and 2 have a button to get to the next page.
You could say that page 1 is the root page
→ page 2 is a “subpage” of page 1
→ page 3 is a “subpage” of page 2

And now the twist: The App starts on page 2.
The user sees the back button and expects on iOS that a “swipe back” is available but unfortunately this is NOT the case.

I have created a new demo app to display the issue as shown in the video below:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

The expected bahaviour would be to be able to swipe back to page 1 even if the app is starting on page 2.

Does someone have a clue how to solve this?

*** edit starts here
For those who are curious why we need this.

We have build an app which is inspired by the iOS calendar app. Our pages are “year”, “month” and “week” like in the iOS calendar app.

If you start the app you should arrive at the current month.

This sounds pretty weird, but that aside, here’s what I’d do: fake it.

  1. Disable auto hiding/timeout of the splash screen. Plenty of Cordova / Capacitor tutorials for that.

  2. On load of the app, push page 1, then push page2 onto the navigation stack.

  3. Hide the splash screen at the end of the init method of page2.

That way no one sees it happening and you achieve what you want.

Without knowing any more info specific to what the screens need to do, that’s what I would suggest.