Swap right and left ionic 4

hi everyone,
i have project where i display paragraph as e-book i want when user swap to right/left the content goes right/left then shows the next graph .
thank u.
regards Sofe.

You should check: https://ionicframework.com/docs/api/slides

i tried to change the code to make it suitable to my idea but i couldn’t apply it where i want when the user swap to right get data from server then swap and so on it’s like book

If you write with react please see this to get a better idea on how to use slides and segments efficiently:

However, if you need to make an action on sliding, you need to hook on a slider event and call a function that will get the data asynchronously
I think you in Angular you can use something like:
<ion-slide onIonSlideDidChange={() => { this.getSlideData() }} .... >
Assuming you have a method called getSlideData() which will handle the data fetch from the backend