[Sugestion] Why not separate sass by platform?


Hi. I’m Marco and i had the idea of ​​separating Sass in my application by platform and thought that I could also contribute with Native Ionic.
The separation of Sass is very important for better maintenance. So why not create a uncoupling of Sass?

Below is how I did it.


and create a platform_sass folder in the root of the app folder.
In platform_sass folder, add ios.scss, md.scss and wp.scss.




From now on, app.scss will become global and ios.scss, md.scss and wp.scss will be platform specific. You can still add styles in app.scss, but if you just want to specify on a platform, just add to the specific Sass file that exists in folder platform_sass.

This is my contribution to the Framework and the Ionic Native community. Who knows, have something of the type in any of the next versions.
Thank you!