Suddenly, I am unable to build my project in ionic, shows an error 'No resource identifier found for attribute 'appComponentFactory' in package android

Here is the error that i received:
warning: string ‘com_facebook_loginview_logged_in_using_facebook_f1gender’ has no defau
No resource identifier found for attribute ‘appComponentFactory’ in package ‘android’

Doing a Google search for the error is usually a good first step? :wink:

PS: I seem to be forever chasing down new errors, it is frustrating that the development environments keep changing, but I guess we are stuck with it?

Already tried searching, i tried all the results i found but no luck, still not building successfully

remove resource folder and add it again might work

Thank you guys for helping me, but all i did was running ionic repair, and reinstall all the plugins and platforms and now its working fine.