Suddenly got a error Source Map


I was working on my project when suddenly I got an error. I didn’t change anything except some text in a html page,
What is going on?

[07:37:16] build finished in 73 ms

[07:37:41] build started …
[07:37:41] transpile started …
[07:37:45] transpile finished in 3.89 s
[07:37:45] deeplinks update started …
[07:37:45] deeplinks update finished in 19 ms
[07:37:45] webpack update started …
node.add(nextLine.substr(0, mapping.generatedColumn));

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘substr’ of undefined

Did unchanging the “text in a html” fix the problem?

Nope, That did not unfix the problem
I have deleted node-modules, install latest ionic, nmp install, delete the navtive plugins I had. Nothing seems to fix the problem