Suddenly folder "/lib" inside the APK + user-provided path inexistant


I have several issues with my ionic app since a short time:

  1. The package size has increased from 4MB to 17MB. I unpacked the APK and found a folder “/lib” inside the bigger one. Where would that come from and how can I remove it again?
    As far as I remember, I did an update of NPM cli packages some time ago, but it was like a default upgrade for ionic or cordova, as far as I remember, so I agreed.

  2. When uploading the APK to Google Play Console, there suddenly android.permission.CAMERA is flagged as a new permission. I do not need camera in my app and did not include it knowingly in any config or plugin. I guess this is related to the issue thing, but I have no idea how to trace it back and remove it.

  3. Building the package in ionic pro fails with the error The user-provided path platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/release/android-release.apk does not exist.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Ok, for the size growth, the PayPal SDK seems to be a reason:

So, I found a solution for my error #3, see over here: Android-release.apk does not exist