Strings broken with special character at Login

Hi, I’m working with a Login problem in my app. I have an oauth login implemented between my server and my app, login works right, but if I use a password generated by some online services or app dedicated, for example, /#+6-[[?!nWYvfL)2Z7 the url that I need to build to make a call to the server, fails.

This is the call that my app generate:

[INFO:CONSOLE(521)] "http://localhost/oauth/v2/token?client_id=18_5cf03buhhp8gafadfg088w440ogsgd08ooggso80wg000k0gccw08&client_secret=4ajo9kcdqbqagddagdfdfswwcoo0c4gk48g4okw4kck0k0&grant_type=password&username=testing&password=/#+6-[[?!nWYvfL)2Z7", source: file:///android_asset/www/js/factoryutils.js (521)

It’s seems to break after the dash. How I can solve this issue??

Thank you.