Streaming Media close event

Is their any event/callback to close the streaming media player for android and ios in ionic 3 ? We want to close the player manually. Because we are using the single session, so we have to close the player. if same user login from anywhere else.

how do you check if user login from anywhere else ?

by maintaining the api session on server.

Is that possible " force to close " the streaming media player from ionic 3 code ?

Dont let them play media else check the api session before the streaming media or you can execute this where you are checking session stopAudio()

But if user already playing the video and then He/She ( user ) login to another device. In that case we have to close the previous running player before to log them out from app.

The stopAudio() is used in audio playing. But in video player its not working.

After playing the video with Streaming media we are not able to execute any function like stopAudio() etc. with ionic