Strange Transition problem in beta 13 and nightly build

Hi there,

I’ve a problem with the page transitions… I’ve created a codepen with the router config i’m using…

When I have only single states, all transitions between them goes fine… BUT when I have a single state and I go to a abstract state with multiple states in it ( see the codepen JS ) there is no transition. I’ve this problem in ionic build 13 and in your latest nightly build. I’m using a sidemenu here. So in my case, when I go from the state ‘servers’ to the abstract state ‘server’ there is no transition.

I can’t post my whole code here, because it’s private. But I think with the JS I posted, you know what I mean.
Yesterday I saw an another person on the internet who has this problem too. But nobody has responded to his post.

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Greetz Arjan

Please can you help me? I can’t figure it out by my self…

this is expected behaviour in app’s so the ionic team built it like that.

Thanks for your reply. Ok so I’ve to change my app structure?