Strange start after closing app with the android hardware button

Hi, when I open my app and click on the hardware back button the app closes (but it’s still on the multitasking menu). When I reopen the app it will show white screen for 3-4 sec instead splash screen. Can I remove the white screen or use splash screen? Tested on Beta10.
Thank you all for your advice!

Same here, not sure how to remove the white screen. But if using splash is an option there might be a way


    <preference name="SplashShowOnlyFirstTime" value="false" />

The ideal way is still to remove the white screen seconds, I suppose there’s a bigger performance issue there. The fact that it’s slow on reopen could be of the same causes why bootstrapping is slow.

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immediate start would be better but this is good for now… Thanks :slight_smile:

I have noticed the same problem of white screen for some time.

But itlr solution helps a lot, thank you.