Strange lines when move to other page

Hi everyone , i noticed that when i go to other page from the side menu, the view load strange lateral lines on a side.

those lines disapear when i touch anything, but i don’t know how to solve the first navigation.

These look a bit ike scrollbars.

But: Did you remote debug the problem on the device already? Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Chrome dev tools: Use the Inspect tool to look at the HTML causing these artifacts.

Yeah, was the first thing that i tried to attack using css but, every change make it dissapear, even the But if you go again to that page, the lines are back. This is really annoying.

Ok, then I would say these really are 100% scrollbars. Super strange.

Are these consistent on all devices? All OS versions?

yep i tried in android/ios devices but still there, it’s weird because i don’t use scrollbars at all.
I tried to over-mask them with css but this things appear above anything.

btw thanks @Sujan12 for the fast answers.