Strange fixed background behavior

I am currently experiencing weird behavior on a page with a set of thumbnails. I have a library of photo’s which show normal as expected on the first page load (left image). But when moving to another page and then back to the photo’s some strange rendering happens. The images are fixed as background and on top of that the normal set of images that I can scroll through (right image).

Note that in both images I scrolled the thumbnails a bit down to show what is happening.

This happens in all iOS versions and devices, even on physical device. The images are not visual to the inspector and can’t be found with querySelectorAll. Does anybody have some ideas where this is coming from?



I had something similar happen to me with my app. My problem was that somehow the scope was not getting cleared after coming back to the view. That should be impossible, but it was happening.

I fixed it by setting the array of items to a blank array on stateChangeSuccess.

$scope.$on('$stateChangeSuccess', function(){
    $ = [];

Well this was by far one of the weirdest bugs I’ve seen thus far. Each thumbnail has a container around them. Apparently I had these on position relative. Removing this rule did enough to fix this bug.

Your solution didn’t work for me unfortunately. Thanks anyway.