Strange Android device bug when selecting 1 particular .state: App gets stuck!

I have an app that has a sidemenu with the following .states(links):

Current Trip

While testing the app on the Android device… When I click to view the “Profile” instead of taking me to the profile state it redirects me to the last state I was on… for example. when we login we go to the Today state… so it just takes me there instead of the Profile state. Not only that… Every single time I click on any other Menu option…* i.e: Today, Settings, Calendar, Current Trip* the app just continues to re-route me to the 'Today" state (or whichever was the last state I was on before I click on the Profile state…

So basically once I click on Profile state I am doomed to never access the apps other states unless I logout, shut down the app and restart it…

This only happens with Android device… iOS emulator, phone and browser dont have this issue.

I was wondering if any of you Ionics have had this issue in the past and where does it stem from?any ideas as to why this bug is happening as is so weird! Thanks!

I am reading some stuff about the whitelist plugin but I have this installed.

SOLVED! For whatever reason Android did not like an undefined function being called in that particilare states’ controller… - deleted it!

Need to install a patch file for this issue will be cleared