Stopped working after the ionic app being signed


I am puzzled with this scenario.
I followed the instruction to publish the app, here:

The app is working for the following cases:
ionic serve
ionic run android -lc (on device & Genymotion)
After being signed the app partially loads and stops before loading controllers. I tried the steps above to sign ionic sample app, and it is working fine after being signed. Also the previous version of the app was working fine, before being upgrade to ionic 1.1.0.
Note: I uninstall the app before a new install every time!

Here is the log:
09-11 19:02:31.191 I/Web Console( 2350): ionicPlatform.ready is called! at file:///android_asset/www/js/app.js:89
09-11 19:02:31.307 D/TilesManager( 2350): Starting TG #0, 0xb9553560
09-11 19:02:31.307 D/TilesManager( 2350): new EGLContext from framework: b900d140
09-11 19:02:31.307 D/GLWebViewState( 2350): Reinit shader
09-11 19:02:31.307 I/qtaguid ( 393): Failed write_ctrl(s 0 10023) res=-1 errno=1
09-11 19:02:31.307 W/NetworkManagementSocketTagger( 393): setKernelCountSet(10023, 0) failed with errno -1
09-11 19:02:31.407 D/GLWebViewState( 2350): Reinit transferQueue
09-11 19:04:22.951 D/dalvikvm( 553): GC_CONCURRENT freed 383K, 5% free 9059K/9468K, paused 1ms+1ms, total 7ms
09-11 19:05:43.003 W/ThrottleService( 393): unable to find stats for iface rmnet0

Any hints would be appreciated.


It maybe related to the following error:
unable to find class referenced in signature (Landroid/webkit/ClientCertRequest;)