Stop event propogation for ionItemReorder

I have a list with-in list.
So something like :
. A1
. A2
… A21
… A22
. C1
. C2
I am reordering the list using
< ion-list reorder=“true” (ionItemReorder)=“reorderItems($event)” >
I even tried ion-item-group, but that does not help either.
Whenever i reorder the sub-list, the main list also get reordered.

There is no stopPropagation and preventDefault functions on ionItemReorder event.

How do i go about it? Or should i be using some other component?

How about building the whole list flat without nesting and use CSS padding to create the visual indentation. That shouldn’t stop you from enabling each item in the list from being reordered separately. Of course you’ll have a little bit of code to handle when a sub-item moves in to a different level.