Sticky transparent bar on a image or a card

can anyone suggest what is the right component to use for a sticky bar like component on a image? @leob, @bengtler, @coreelements

And thank you!!!

Did you already search the Ionic forum (or Google/Stackoverflow) for an existing answer?
Or you can look around on the Ionic Market, it also has nice components.

Anyway, maybe this one:

Not 100% sure what you mean though, maybe you just do a search on the Ionic forum. Or the Ionic Market:

etcetera, try to browse around there.

And transparency is easily done with CSS “opacity …” and stickyness with something like “position: absolute”.

make div -> add the background image --> put a div in the div with rgba background-color to be transparent --> positionate it at the bottom of the parent div with flexbox or bottom: 0 and write your text in it. matched the angular-material gird to my needs :slight_smile: which is similar to what @bengtler has said

Okay that’s cool if you want to use Material Design.