Sticky Collection Repeat

I have gotten Collection Repeat to work pretty well, however it seems to ‘stick’ as I scroll. Each ‘card’ kinda clicks on the top of the list as it scrolls out of or into the view port.

Any one else having these issues?

I am using beta-11, on an iPhone5.

Also, on a related note, I have images that come from the api I am hitting, and they are hit or miss if they get loaded the correct way. Sometimes they load just fine, on other cards they load much bigger than they should despite the css, and other times they don’t load at all. Thoughts?



Anyone else having this issue? I feel like I have tried everything I can think of, yet still getting the clicking on scroll. The first four or so cards scroll smooth, then the rest keep clicking when they hit the top.

Any thoughts on how to cache images from an http request so they aren’t being called every time they come into the view port? I think I read somewhere that collection repeat has caching built in, but the images are being re-rendered every time still.