Steps for preparing app for AppStore



I released an app recently on AppStore. But now I wonder what steps should i take to perfectly prepare an Ionic App for AppStore. E.g. deleting some contents? What steps are good to decrease the apps file size?



which appstore?
iOS, Android or Windows ??
also check the specific developer forum for guidelines


I´m completely sure about the submission process for both AppStores, Android and Apple. I´m talking about the specific preparation for Ionic Apps. Should I remove the Console-log plugin, and so on…


From what i’ve heard atleast the console-log plugin which is

cordova plugin rm org.apache.cordova.console


I just did a submission for both app stores. As @bogoroh pointed out above, removing the console plugin is a good step.

The other thing I did was to run all my images in my app through ImageOpt. Great little utility and it saved me about 20% reduction in size of my image assets. I was using a lot of high definition graphic images as backgrounds to certain screens, and the utility saved me a good couple of MB in bundle size reduction.