Stencil + admob


I’m new to capacitor.

I have been working with stencil + ionic pwa for a year now, love the technology.

I’m trying to set up the admob community plugin but i’ts impossible to make it work, followed all the steps, etc…

on the admob plugin there is no example code with stencil, just with angular ( a demo code only with angular )

So my question is if someone was able to make it work on a stencil + ionic pwa ?? thank you so much!

pd: I have open a issue, but the developers says that it’s not in the plugin part: Not working with stencilJS · Issue #120 · capacitor-community/admob · GitHub

I must be doing something wrong and I don´t understand what is it. I just have the starter components and just added the plugin, when I comment the admob code on the stencil app, the app works without a problem, but with the Admob.initiliaze its a blank page or the app shut down.