Status bar collision with other app which is in background


We’re not sure where our problem lies, it could be cordova or it could be Ionic. Any advice welcomed :slight_smile:

We’ve discovered an issue on our app in the following situation.

  1. We have a third party app such as CoPilot (a European satnav app) AND the third party app is in the background OR when the Apple Personal HotSpot is turned on. Either of these cases is applicable.

  2. Our Ionic app (Jambuster) is in the foreground.

  3. The app in the background (CoPilot EU) or Apple Personal Hotspot produces a blue bar across the top of the screen stating that it is in use.

  4. This blue bar crashes into the top of the status bar of our app.

Two pictures show this far better than I can incoherently describe

This is how our app looks normally. Nothing special or different to most other Ionic apps.

If we start up CoPilot EU and then put CoPilot EU into the background we get this

You can see that the extra information presented crashes into our title bar.

We know that most other apps simply slide down/shrink when the extra blue bar is presented.

We’re not sure what is happening and what to do. We are hoping that this is a simple flag that needs to be changed but we don’t even know the right phrases are here.

Our environment is

Cordova 6.2.0
Ionic 1.7.15
cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.0.0 “StatusBar”
IOS 8.2 (this is deliberate as we need to make sure our stuff works on older versions of IOS)
Xcode 7.3

We have lots more plugins but figured this is the relevant information.

Our app works fine and coexists quite happily with the other apps, its just that we have stuff in the status bar that we can no longer easily access as the additional blue bar stops us selecting them.

Any pointers to what to do greatly appreciated and welcomed. Even a simple link to another page would help as we can’t find the right words to search on Google. We have spent most of yesterday trying to resolve the problem but failed miserably.