Static imgaes?

I am new to Ionic Creator and when I got to the part where I load some small pictures from my local www/img folder (like I did before I used Creator), it occurred to me that I don’t see a way to include static images in my app via Creator like I can in an editor. I wanted to stay completely in the Ionic ecosphere and not have to export my app in order to add all the images. Is there a way to include them in Creator so I don’t have to manually add them later via a Zip export, add images, upload back to Ionic?

In short, I have 100 small icons that I use in one part of my app and only one is on the screen at a time so I need them available for use.

With the image component you can switch to line command and enter the URL of your image.

Works with images saved on your own server and even the likes of Dropbox or iCloud. You can view them in ionic creator and they will be downloaded as an asset when compiling the app.

Hope that’s what you were after