stateParams is not defined


.state('app.lowongan', { url: '/lowongan/:lowonganId', views: { 'menuContent': { templateUrl: 'templates/lowongan.html', controller: 'LowonganCtrl' } } });

`.controller(‘LowonganCtrl’, function($scope, $http, $stateParams) {
$http.get('http://localhost/loker_web/api/pekerjaan/’+stateParams.lowonganId).success(function(data) {
$scope.lowongan = data;


Any can help me because i get error message “stateParams is not defined” for my code,

Thanks before


How you are sharing the data “lowonganId”?


i dont know about sharing the data, mybe you can help me?


its $stateParams with $


Thanks, i missing that, and now my code is working :sweat_smile: