State overrides other buttons


So I’m still relatively new to Ionic and have been learning by doing. I’m affraid I’ve done something wrong along the way here, which is the main reason for this post.

My app is based heavily on tabs, with most of my views residing within the context of the tabs. The issue I’m having happens when trying to use $scope.go(‘nfcRegister’, params), which is also used in a different flow without any issues.

This is what the state looks like:

.state(‘nfcRegister’, {
url: ‘main/register/nfcRegister/:userId&:participantId’,
templateUrl: ‘templates/QrRegisterFlow/nfcRegister.html’,
controller: ‘NfcRegisterCtrl’,
data: {
authorizedRoles: [USER_ROLES.admin]

I’m trying to navigate from the following state:

.state(‘main.attendeeDetails’, {
url: ‘main/attendeeList/details/:userId’,
views: {
‘attendeeList-tab’: {
templateUrl: ‘templates/userDetails.html’,
controller: ‘UserDetailsCtrl’

I also have a rule connected to these views which forces some navigation rules:

if ( === “main.attendeeDetails” && ( !== “main.attendeeList” && !== “user-help” && !== “nfcRegister”)) {

As far as I know, any of this shouldn’t be a problem on paper, but at random occasions when I press the button calling $scope.go(‘nfcRegister’, params) and navigate back with the back-button on my cellphone, every other button navigating to a page within the tab-context routes me back to nfcRegister.

I was really hoping to reuse this part rather than duplicate most of its functionality.

Any input is appreciated.