Starting Architecture Correctly


Firstly, let me start by saying that I am really new to Ionic / Angular coding and my experience is mostly with PHP.

The aim of this discussion is to get to the correct answer on how to structure a new project that will grow to be a very large application with many different functionalities.

The latest principles of DevSecOps, Decoupling and Micro services and all these terms that I am only learning about now, should be part of the solution.

The history is that I created a PHP project many years ago and it has grown over the years into a large big monster :frowning: not the cute kind… but the kind that turns on its creator :frowning:

There is no real architecture and maintenance is an absolute headache.

Can you please help me understand in small baby steps how to structure a new Ionic / Angular project so that it can scale over the next couple of years without becoming a monster.

Another big consideration for me would be that I would want to include multiple different “modules” – I guess each a microservice, with real ease and without major impact on other areas.

Can you please help me in baby steps on where I should start, and how I would achieve these outcomes?

Thank you in advance!

I would start here.

Thank you, much appreciated.