Starting an emulator when codebase is not local (different server)

Where I work we have a debian test server so we can all view and work on the same projects. I’ve managed to install Ionic on it and the ionic serve command compiles my scss well. However since the code is on a separate linux server and I’m working from a windows computer, how can I run an emulator? Ionic run android would require me to install java and the linux android sdk on the test server and even if I did that I wouldn’t see the emulator since I’ve only got access to the files on the test server.

So now I’m copying the code to my computer locally every time I want to run it in an emulator and it’s very time consuming.

Any ideas or best practices on how to solve this?

Thank you very much.

Do you guys not use a version control system like Git?

Yes we do, so you’re suggesting keeping a shared codebase on our server and pulling it to our local computer for testing in emulators?

Yes, that’s what I was thinking.

If you’re not using source control, and you’re all working on the same project files in the same server-based folders, how are you not overwriting other people’s code changes?? Is everyone working exclusively on different files to not destroy each other’s code?

You should definitely set up git on the project server and have each developer pull down the repository. Or you can use GitHub if you don’t want to install it on your local project server. And remember, when using source control, people should commit their changes often, meaning daily or multiple times a day, and then pushing them up to git on the server (after local testing of course).

~ Brad