Starting a new Ionic app from scratch? Template or blank?

When creating a new Ionic app,do you think it is best to use one of the templates or to start from a blank project? Of course, if you choose side menu or tabs, you can modify it, but I am unsure if it is a best practice to go from a template if your app is going to resemble something similar. Any advice or best practices are appreciated.

I usually start from blank…

I already started some apps, and in most cases I take the blank starter as this is a solid baseline for all your stuff.

If you are sure how your app will look, and you know it must have a sidemenu/tabs, then you might take those templates. But even in that case I like to build those things on my own. If you are a bit familiar with Angular/Ionic, rebuilding the tabs from the blank template won’t take more than 10 minutes.

So in general I would prefer the blank project and only use the others if you have a solid reason.

@saimon thank you! I was thinking blank would be good as well, since its just “clean” and a good place to start if you are learning. thanks again!

I normally start with the templates. They have most of the elements I want while adding mine that I now make reusable, particularly with sass that I carry over from project to project.