Start building with Ionic


My company still pushes SMS and MMS with daily news to our users.Now we would like to change our way,after a month-long discussion ,we decide to build a webapp with Ionic. Angularstrap seems tough to me ,so does Ionic. It is too hard for us to contain Google CDN lib files in a web page .Cause we are in china .
I am creating this topic to log my daily develop issues and problems .
Well , I have to work now .See you all .


new problem

what is the difference between tabs and menu ?


You can see them both in action in the Codepen examples.
When you say “Menu” I am assumimng you mean the “Side Menu”.

Side Menu navigation

Tabs navigation

You could also easily create 2 new ionic projects using the CLI, one for side menu and one for tabs and then compare locally.


thank you ! i am trying!