Start app as blank but change to Tabs

Maybe this is simple, but having a hard time understanding how to setup. Basically I want to start my app in “blank” mode so I can basically had the end user sign up to use the app. Then once they are signed in I want the app to have tabs. Next tIme I load the app I will check to see if the user is signed in already and automatically start in with tabs. How do I accomplish this?

The simplest way is to use Local Storage. You can save data locally and check them on app start.

Then you set a var and check it on app restart.

If the user is logged in, then you could do:


I use $location.path().replace() because, I don’t want to let the user back to the intro when it gets skipped.

But I am looking for a better way, because the blank page sometimes gets rendered before I could redirect. So, not the perfect solution.

I think a cleaner solution would be to include a service to the provider-state, which refers to the tabs-page in the resolved section;

$stateProvider.state('myState', {
  resolve: {
    isLoggednIn = checkLoggedInSvc();

This is resolved BEFORE the controller is initialized (see That way you could change the URL there and prevent the blank page from showing up. I also would not use .replace(), but rather $state.go() because I think it is faster (at least it should be).


You could try something like this.