Stacked navigation in some part of the screen

Hello guys, sorry for my poor English, I’m not a native so I’ll try to do my best here.

In this weekend I research a lot to try make a interface looking like that

In some cases I almost managed but with some bugs like black screen transitions, content rendering in a small slice of screen, the view container floating on the nav bar tabs, etc.
I try to use ion-nav-view inside ion-content and others combinations but no one behave right.

So after a lot of tries I wanna know if this kind of stuff can be done with Ionic, if yes can you guys help me with some direction to do this?

Please someone can give me the right direction?

Well, as I got no help from anyone I was trying error. I found a solution, definitely is not the best solution but this worked for me. if any else has the same problem this is how I make this work.

(sorry for my English)

IF you can create a simple plunkr with all elements, then we can try and position them like you want

Thanks @yurinondual , when I get home I do it, I just get to work.