StackBlitz and Ionic?

Check this out:

Online VS Code IDE for Angular & React & Ionic

If you click the big “Ionic” button on the start page, you get something like that:


Could this be “our” new plunkr to quickly build reproducible examples of stuff?

Here is some more background information:

Interesting stuff, e.g. offline editing via PWA.


Funny by the way how the app uses Ionic 3.5.2 but the CSS of 3.5.3 :wink:
(Hey StackBlitz, consider this a bug report :smiley: )
(Created an issue:

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is there a way to add css styling?


Exactly what I thought when I first took a look at it, also I found it easier than plunkr,
I think it would be good for beginners to start learning ionic


Looks cool and useful!

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Hi! Creator here — you can add CSS styles in components by importing any CSS files you create. Besides that, you can also include CDN CSS files as well :slight_smile: Lmk if there are any other features that you’d like to see here!


Eric added proper a proper export of the Ionic project, so you can just download it and then run npm install and `ionic serve´ in the unzipped folder - very cool!

Now Saas support out of the box. Awesome.

See here:

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Stackblitz got a nice mention

Maybe we all upvote import of ionic projects from Github?

Will be usefull for this forum as well

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Does anyone have a stackblitz for Ionic 4 working? I’m missing something:

Here you go

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And direct importing of GitHub Angular 6 Ionic 4 project does work only after removing the references to Platform.

Simple tabs Ionic 4 angular project uploaded in github:

-> remove Platform in app.component.ts, module and testbed.

Only icons not showing…

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